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In these fast changing times, we are the CHANGEMAKERS we have been looking for.


A story is one that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Mine, like all of yours, is a story that is still evolving and will keep doing so, as long as I’m alive.

I am a Taurean girl with a Scorpio Rising, with a Destiny 1, and a Life Path 3, a Projector with a Splenic Authority.


What this means is I am a mystery, a bundle of contradictions, being patient, but also obstinate about things, very protective of my privacy and gives everyone exactly what n’ who people need and not all of me.

I am a highly sensitive empath, creative in the expression of self and all learnings through art, writing or speech, and destined to be a leader, as one who is meant to carve her own path, despite what and who the world follows.

As a Projector, I am here to guide those who are drawn to invite me in to use their energies as best as they should to live their most authentic lives.

Yet I am not just these labels. I am so much more.

I am YOU, and YOU are me. There is a little bit of each of us in the other, and as we learn that, we recognize ourselves in the other, finding our way back to oneness to live a life filled with more compassion and grace.



Born in the Middle East of Indian descent, I spent my early years cocooned and sheltered from the real world, kinda like in a submerged reality, almost obliviously naive and blissfully unaware of anything other than my immediate environment.


Growing up in a family that valued advanced education and church over anything else, those were my two major priorities in life.


Little did I know then that my sheltered life would open the door to my life exploration, my fall, and awakening, while my faith would teach me to rise above it all over and over again.


As I went through life equating my self-worth with my level of achievement, amidst the falls, the trials, and heartbreaks, I was relentless in my pursuit to please - be it family, friends, or the world at large. I didn't discriminate.


As expected, I fell, and I fell hard. I found myself on a rollercoaster, trying many different things in my pursuit of meaning.


By the time I was 35, I had been through a war, lost a sense of home and a part of myself, moved countries five times, worked in several industries, and was on a fast track to burnout.


Losing my mother and my best friend n' partner did the rest. The veil between who I was inside and who I thought I had to be, thinned as the two became one n' I lost all of who I was.


I went into shock, cutting myself off from the world. As a highly sensitive empath, I denied myself the luxury of grieving.


I thought I was 'being strong', as that was what I was unconsciously conditioned to be, until I believed it completely. My core froze, and I was like ice inside, while I seemed the same on the outside. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Writing on Beach


Only when I almost lost my life and found out I had a tumor the size of a healthy baby, did I wake up to my life having a purpose.


When I came to, after my surgery, I got a message loud n' clear "Your time is not up yet. You still have work here to do."


This message sent me on a 3-year journey back to myself to heal my mind, body, and soul.


I stumbled upon Life Coaching, where I learned Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Matrix practices to clear traumas and heal the inner child. I also found myself devouring every esoteric and modern science that I could put my hand on.


I learned from Florence Scovel Shin, Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Neville Goddard about living a purpose-filled life when everything else seemed to have lost all sense.


I read the Bible, talked to spiritual people, consulted every psychic, and dug deep into ancient texts - all so that I could find my meaning for this life.


Studying all I did and experiencing what I had, I didn't realize then that many felt just as I did. I began to see that my story was not as unique, and in a world where we are the most connected we have ever been, we are also the most disconnected that we have been.


As I worked to help those who were drawn to me and make sense of their journeys, I began to find pieces of my soul and discover the emerging me. But, of course, the more I worked on myself, the more I began to see the shadow side of me arise - parts of me I had never seen or known.


The more I evolved, the more I started to stumble through lessons of setting boundaries or speaking my truth.


I questioned my value and struggled to prove that I was worthy, even if I got a lot of validation from those I assisted on their journeys.


Finally, I realized the only one I needed to prove my worth was myself.


I knew I had to face my fears, be aware of my hidden motivations, and decondition myself from a lifetime's worth of conditioning so I could be more fulfilled and live a more authentic and purposeful life. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Embarking on a journey such as this, with no one who'd truly get it, is one of the scariest things I have had to do.


After living my life one way, it took all of my courage to step up, change behavioral patterns, clear cords, brave the stream of well-meaning help, and relearn how to stand in my power and voice my truth.


I have been many things to many people and not enough for myself. Something had to change. And, it was me.


Co-authoring a book in 2020 with a group of amazing women who wanted to impact change in this world, and starting my own Sacred Women's Circle in 2021, became the baby steps I took to fight back my feelings of unworthiness, to allow myself to be seen and heard, become comfortable asking for what I needed, and standing in my power.


But, of course, my biggest lesson is knowing we are all simply in the process of becoming more of who we were always meant to be every single day. 

YOU are the reason I do what I do. I have been where you are, sometimes lost, sometimes needing clarity, direction, or a sense of purpose.


Over the course of this journey, I have found that the answer to all the problems we face in our lives, lies within us. And, to solve them, we ought to go back to the very beginning - our truest SELF. Then, we can make different choices, move into a new future, and thrive.


I also understand how we are all here to make a difference in the world in our own unique ways, and truly get the meaning of a spiritual being having a human experience.


With all of the different modalities I've learned and my personal experience in healing, I take you back to your core, to who you are, to help you identify your values or your blocks and then work towards clearing them and, together, walk the journey to your rise.


I have over 18 years of professional project and people management experience.


I am a Numbers girl, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Human Design Practitioner, and an advanced Soul Transformational Coach.


I have given a TEDx Talk on following your passion instead of someone else's and co-authored the 3rd Edition of CHANGE MAKERS book, featuring 25 transformational women who want to impact change in our world.


But, these pale in comparison to my calling to SERVE. In my rich and diverse life, I have come to find that my joy comes from being in alignment with my mission in life, and that mission is to serve.


I care deeply about you and would love to guide you to living your most authentic, purpose-filled life with ease and grace as you journey back to your highest and best version of yourself.




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