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You are truly ready to begin your deconditioning journey to see live transformations:

  • You crave to know more about YOU
  • You need more specifics about your WHY
  • You are ready to learn the HOW
  • Most of all, you are ready to take inspired action, while being coached and guided by me on using this information in your daily living to witness the beginnings of the biggest transformation you've ever witnessed within yourself.
  • You want personal access to me, in between sessions for anything that arises.


This new package, Live By Design - Transformational Seeds of Hope does all of that and more.


There aren't many that offer this unique combo of information and support anywhere. This package covers your uniquely powerful Soul Blueprint Map Reading and in addition, offers you five additional sessions spaced about 2 weeks apart over a period of 3 months, to help you learn, practice and integrate all of the information received from your reading to guide you to begin living your best, most powerful lives. 


What this package includes: 

  • 6 sessions in total over a period of 3 months.
  • The first is your basic 90 min Soul Blueprint Map Reading, which includes the basics of your Design type, the space from where you make decisions, n’ the right strategy to live your life by design, along with your Birthday, Destiny, Life Path and Power numbers, along with a look at your Karmic lessons for this lifetime.
  • The following sessions are 75 min sessions each that take you deeper into your life purpose potential, your shadow self, challenges or obstacles, defined, or undefined energy centers where you are open to conditioning, your channels, your life purpose by cross, your unique gate aspects, your ideal sleep patterns.
  • We may also do life evaluation, forgiveness or clearing sessions that clear past traumas or conditioning of past beliefs, as needed.
  • Optional: We may even delve into composite charts of your children, and / or include bespoke healing based on what arises in your session for you to best work on.
  • Bonus: You get to reach me in between sessions for anything that arises pertaining to your growth.

Live By Design - Transformational Seeds of Hope

$5,555.00 Regular Price
$4,444.00Sale Price
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