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BE YOUR OWN WARRIOR is a limited bespoke 6 month transformational coaching program that is for those who are serious about personal development and transformation, and is ready to show up, play full, experiment and be accountable. This program is designed to REIGNITE the WARRIOR WITHIN. 


There's only 2 intakes a month.


This package takes into account your unique Soul Blueprint Map, and provides you 75 mins of 1:1 time with me every 2 weeks, as I take you on a journey to de-conditioning yourself, as you acknowledge, accept, forgive, integrate, release, let go and ignite the fire within you, to live a more joyful, fulfilling life.


Have you felt lost in life? 

Have you ever felt stuck or frozen and you just can’t seem to move forward?

Have you felt like nothing seems to be going your way?

Have you felt that your children or your partner just don’t get you, and just don’t speak your language?

I believe before we begin a relationship with another, we have to first embark on a journey to rediscover ourself - the inner self, shed all that is not ours, so we are able to truly accept and acknowledge ALL of who we are - the shadow and light parts of ourselves, to then, allow for any healing, and possible acceptance of who we are, as a whole, before looking to ignite the fire within and open ourselves to the world outside.


Your journey may include, but is not limited to:

  • Your unique Soul Blueprint - to know how you are energetically wired to function in this lifetime
  • Your family/partner/children's soul blueprint, if relationships are an issue
  • Goal Setting
  • Identifying limiting beliefs or behavioral patterns
  • Reconciling and accepting different parts of yourself
  • Clearing negative influences 
  • Clearing emotions
  • Forgiveness meditation
  • Breaking patterns of your not-self
  • Integrating the different aspects of your light
  • Rediscovering the joy within - remembrance journeying
  • Reigniting the fire within you
  • Celebration of self


BONUS: A text/email chat upto twice between sessions, in case something arises for you pertaining to the previous session.

If this is you, let us have a chat. I offer a free 30 minute intro session, to assess the best path of exploration for YOU. 


Book a call to chat with me to know more.


All my love,


Be Your Own Warrior

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