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The 5 Energy Types of Human Design, Explained

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Your person, your aura, or your soul, whatever your beliefs are, has a unique blueprint. Every part of who you are is mapped out to help you better understand and navigate the journey of your destiny. This is all part of your unique Human Design.

Part of Human Design, and your personal Human Design, explains the 5 different energy types. Everyone falls into one of the 5 categories. Those 5 types are Manifestors, Generators, Manifestor Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.

You are one of these types. Each type has its own characteristics. That’s a lot to unpack, so let’s dive right in.


Manifestors are the most common energy type, they make up about 90% of the population.

They choose themselves and avoid confrontation with others by speaking before they take action. As a Manifestor you may feel led to understand how your self-focused aura affects others.

This is natural for you as you’re constantly inspiring change in others. By caring deeply about those around you and wanting what’s best for them, you unconsciously become a beacon of change.

When a Manifestor makes their intentions known, they can change the lives of others and find fulfillment in the positive impact they make in the lives of their loved ones. It’s important that this energy type communicates effectively to avoid resistance and frustration in their relationships.


The Generators of the world, around 70% of the population, direct their energy to bring their passions to life.

This energy type is ambitious and disciplined; they enthusiastically complete the goals they set for themselves. The satisfaction of completing these goals can bring the Generator's energy into alignment. This energy type is definitely a doer, they master their craft and only gain momentum as they progress.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are a combination, their Manifestor and Generator sides work together to both inform others of their intentions before letting their Generator side respond and turn their intentions into actions. This energy type makes up about 37% of the population and must work to balance both sides of their energy type to find alignment.

Allowing space for both Manifesting and Generator needs will allow this individual to meet less resistance and frustration in life. Manifesting Generators have the benefit of inspiring others while accomplishing their goals with determination.


Projectors are focused on the energy of others. They work to understand the auras of those around them before they make a decision. This decision usually benefits the person they are focusing their energy on. As a Projector studies and appreciates these different auras they gain a new and valuable perspective on life.

It’s important for the people surrounding this energy type to recognize the natural wisdom a Projector has to offer. Receiving gratitude is also very important to a Projector as it creates a healthy place for them to express their gifts. It’s important for a Projector to surround themself with energy that benefits and respects them.

Projectors are slightly rare as they only make up about 20% of the population.


Rarest of them all, Reflectors make up a little over 1% of the population.

They are patient waiters and use their energy to mirror the energies around them. Using their open centers, Reflectors have a unique ability to understand others. They can embody those around them and use the knowledge they gain to help those individuals grow.

When a Reflector is embodying an individual or environment, they help others gain an understanding of the dynamic surrounding them as well. Reflectors can take satisfaction in watching and understanding the way this dynamic grows and changes because of them. Reflectors can do this time after time, embodying different individuals and dynamics depending on the environment they’re in.

Which energy type am I?

Your BodyGraph (a chart used in Human Design, shown above), is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your unique design which then directly relates to which energy type you are. It’s similar to astrology, but it is so much more. You can find out more by reading How Can Human Design Aid In Our Path to Re-Discovery. If you just can’t wait to find out, do book a call with me where we can go over your unique energy type, what that looks like for you in your everyday life, and how you can master it and live in alignment.

Love and Light, Angels Bini Noble

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