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Human Design: Undefined or Open Centers

According to Human Design, you have 9 Centers, which are based on the well-known 7 chakras. Your birth date, time, and the planetary alignment during that time help to determine which of your centers are defined or undefined.

Knowing if your centers are defined or undefined is important when trying to make decisions that will keep you in alignment with your true self. If you're interested in learning about your defined centers, check out the blog post Human Design: Defined Centers.

In this article, we're going to talk about your undefined or open centers and what they mean for your day-to-day life.

What Does it Mean to Have Undefined or Open Centers?

When your centers are open to influence by the environment surrounding you, it means those centers are undefined or open.

Whether a center is undefined or open, it is important to note that your experiences surrounding that center will be inconsistent and wavering. This energy is easily influenced by outside forces.

How Do I Determine if my Center is Undefined or Open?

When you look at your human design chart, you’ll notice some of the centers are white or blank. This means that center is undefined. Your Undefined centers are those centers in your chart that appear white. Some centers may also be completely Open and you can distinguish them from the former by noting which ones have no activated gates coming out of them. Your open center are more susceptible to external conditioning.

A visual map of the 9 centers with some centers colored in, and some of them blank.
Defined vs. Undefined Centers

You can determine if a center is undefined by recognizing the areas in your life that you feel unsure about or easily influenced by the situation you may be in.

The way you experience this energy is unpredictable and inconsistent, in that you will experience it in a variety of different ways.

How Do I Use My Undefined Centers?

Your undefined or open centers are your biggest source for learning in life. If a center is undefined or open, it’s important to understand that this area of your life can be heavily influenced by others. So, these are the areas, you may need strong boundaries or extra time to determine how you feel about the situation, before reacting.


"You must strive to become less susceptible to influences outside of yourself and more inclined to trust the instincts and feelings that lie within you."

-Bob Proctor


Undefined centers can also be used to understand the people around you and empathize with the energy you are sharing with them. This takes some practice in deconditioning yourself from old beliefs, patterns and have a deeper understanding about yourself. As you begin your journey of staying committed to living your most authentic life, you will find that living a happier life is actually simple.


When you understand your centers better, you will begin to learn to use the consistency of your defined centers and access the learnings you receive from your undefined, without allowing confusion and trauma to control you, thus helping you evolve and better understand your relationships and how to navigate life’s external challenges.

If you're interested in having your chart read, I would be honored to look over it, explain it to you, and work with you to help you live your most authentic life.

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Love and Light, Always

Bini Noble

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