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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Whether we call it enlightenment or self-discovery, the art and journey of discovering who we are and our life’s purpose remains a mystery of the human experience. Regardless of your journey so far, Human Design can help unlock some of that mystery and help us find our innate gifts and opportunities for learning.

Everyone has their strengths and talents. In order to use them effectively, we have to first be aware of them, to know how best to use them. That is where Human Design comes in.


It’s all pieces of the puzzle that come together n' fall in place as more awareness arises within us, so that we can finally ‘accept’ all of us - the good, the bad n’ even the misunderstood parts of us.

-Bini Noble


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a composite of the snapshot of the cosmos that was taken at the moment of your birth and three months prior. It provides a way of looking at our energetic self. It offers guidance for those of us who are looking to understand ourselves when we no longer find ourselves aligned with playing the role that society, our parents, our employers, or our partners have assigned us.

With the use of a logical, empirical system that incorporates the teachings of Astrology, Kabbalah, I Ching, and the chakra system, we can explore that aching feeling inside of us that says “Am I being myself?” and “Do I know who that is?

Human Design and Rediscovery of self is a very personal matter. It can be difficult for some when they realize that they have an open heart center, as it may mean that we only feel worthy when we are giving to others. If you’re like me, you tend to over-extend yourself often in an effort to help or please as many people as possible. Human Design invites us to go inwards and reflect, asking ourselves whether or not we are in energetic alignment. It is a road map on how to get to know who you are outside of the role of parent, friend, or employee. Who are you outside of these roles? What is your calling?

How Can Human Design Help Me?

Human Design shows us how to navigate our world by using our design type to guide us.

It provides a practical assessment of both our conscious and unconscious personality traits, relationship patterns, sources of pain, life purpose, how to make the right decision; The science of energetics shows us how we interact through electromagnetic forces in our auras.

Human Design can help us understand our interactions with the world and people around us and stop us from forcing ourselves to be in situations that do not serve us. Productiveness and motivation can only be found within ourselves, it’s important to learn how to foster an environment where you can thrive.

It’s crucial to make your downtime sacred. For many of us, that is when we receive our motivation and inspiration to bring our next project to life. Finding where your energy aligns itself can bring you that self-worth you’ve been searching for. While others find it in the service of society, you may need to look inward to understand your unique energy signature.

How does Human Design help me discover my highest self?

There are four things you need to know about yourself, your aura, and the anatomy of your energy body. Each of these factors will explain different parts of your being.

  1. Energy Type - Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Reflectors, and Projectors are all of the energies that make up our population and speak to the main theme of your energy signature. Understanding ourselves and others helps us to stop asking ourselves, “Are we as good as them?” We’re all unique and we should embrace who we are.

  2. Strategy - This is how we use our energy and engage with the world around us. Our strategy is based on your specific Energy type. It plays a crucial role when making personal, business, relationship, or friendship decisions. It allows us to ask ourselves , “What best serves me?

  3. Authority - This is how we make decisions that are in alignment with our being. It is like that voice inside of us that tells us what would make us happiest. So, it is important to check in with our authority whenever we need to make a decision. Knowing this can help keep you live more fulfilled, joyful lives, and stop a vicious people-pleasing cycle that doesn't serve us. This helps us ask ourselves, “Who am I doing this for?” and “Does this serve a purpose?

  4. Body Graph - This is almost like a user manual, which when understood properly, will be the best guide to living your most authentic life. The body graph is a pictorial depiction of what we were imprinted with, at birth. It offers you a logical way of seeing your uniquely individual nature and understand the self better. For e.g., it shows which of the 9 energy centers are defined or undefined. Whether or not you have a defined/undefined energy center reveals how conditioned we might be, or how open we maybe to outside influences being taken into our being. Don’t worry, it’ll also show you how to get back on the right track to being yourself again by allowing you to ask yourself, “Am I shining from within?” and “Am I being my authentic self?"

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