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Communication & Human Design: Part 2

Each Human Design type has its own strategy. Each type tends to communicate differently and has different communication needs from the world.

When you understand your type, your strategy, and how you best interact with the world and relationships around you, you get one step closer to your most authentic self.

In this article, we discuss the communication styles and needs of Projectors and Reflectors.

Communication with Projectors

Projectors are new on this plane as a Human Design type, compared to the other types. So, there is a lot of pressure on them to know everything, and since they are also the most conditioned people on the planet, they find it hard to step into their power and trust themselves.

On one hand, they follow their natural impulse to guide people and get rejected, if people are not ready for the information. On the other, when operating from a place of following their strategy and authority, they see and achieve success and recognition. They have come here at this crucial time with the ability to master systems, recognize people's gifts, and use that information to lead and guide them to use their energies more efficiently, so they live more fulfilled lives.

Projectors have this innate insight and capacity to see the big picture, and bring people together. They see things many cannot, and thus contribute original ideas to the collective.

If you're trying to communicate with a Projector, try to seek them out. Projectors have to wait for invitation, and wait to be recognized for their gifts, before they can be successful at stepping into their power and giving guidance.

To communicate effectively with a Projector, recognize their gifts, and then invite them to help you or guide you. Allow them to follow their inner authority, before they give you their insight and direction.

Communication as Projectors

Since the Projector strategy is to wait for invitation, it is imperative that you learn to listen to your inner authority to guide you to recognize which invitations are right for you, using them as an opportunity to master your gifts.

As a Projector, you are more likely to get what you want, if you wait to get invited to a conversation. If you feel called to initiate a conversation, it is best to ask if they are open to having a conversation, rather than butt in head first. It is so important to learn to curb your conditioned desire to control or give advice to another, without being asked, so you limit your chances of being rejected or unrecognized.

Ultimately, Projectors are designed to recognize others, and as they do it, they themselves get recognized and become successful, as that is their signature theme.

Communicating as a Projector means waiting for the invitation, observing and absorbing, then using that information to help those around you.


"The quality of your communication is the quality of your life."

-Anthony Robbins


Communication with Reflectors

Reflectors are the rarest type in Human Design, making up just 1% of the world's population. They have no defined centers, making their chart completely open.

Reflectors are fully open to the world and to others because there are no defined centers by design.

Reflectors take in and mirror what energy they are surrounded by. They see the world through others' eyes, sampling their energy and reflecting it back to them.

They experience life very differently to those around them, leaving them often feeling alone and misunderstood. They can also suffer disappointment as their strategy requires them to wait a lunar cycle, and live and learn their life's lessons through their interaction with others. So, when communicating with a Reflector, it is important to respect that they will need much longer to come to a decision or make a choice.

With a reflector, what you give is likely to be what you get, in a literal sense. If you're close to a reflector, it's important that you don't try to change them, and more importantly, not to take things too personally, but recognize they are designed to reflect back what you project, and be okay with that, seeing it as an opportunity to rise and evolve yourself.

If you communicate in an understanding and peaceable manner, they will also be respectful in their communications with you.

Communication as Reflectors

As a reflector, it can sometimes be difficult to separate and process the energy of the world around you. However, if you learn to master your gifts, you can really bring a new vision to the world.

It is so important to learn that often what you feel, think, sense or are pressured to be, is something you are tapping into, and amplifying from the world around you. It is not necessarily yours. If feeling pressured to make a decision, let your partner, friends or others in your life know that you’ll need more time to process and reflect.

Reflectors have the potential to transcend personal identification and transform the world and energies around them by reflecting back exactly what you need to see in that moment. They also need space to speak their hearts, so their issues or feelings can be reflected back to them through you.

To communicate as a reflector, lean into your intuition and translate your message to the world.


If you have a Reflector or a Projector in your life, let me know about your experiences loving or communicating with them. If you haven't checked Communicating & Human Design: Part 1, please do make sure to check it out to understand communicating as or with Manifestors and Generators or Manifesting Generators.

If you’re interested in learning more about your strategy and how to communicate with those around you, I would love to introduce you to your Human Design Chart and help you better understand your communication style and strategy.

Love and Light, Always

Bini Noble

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Each Human Design type has its own strategy. Each type tends to communicate differently and has different communication needs from the world. By understanding your type, how you best interact with the

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