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9 Centers of Human Design: a Guide

To better understand the 9 Centers of Human Design, we start with the 7 Chakras. The 7 Chakras is a pretty well-known system, consisting of 7 energy centers. The 7 chakras include:

  • Root chakra (muladhara)

  • Sacral chakra (svadhisthana)

  • Solar plexus chakra (manipura)

  • Heart chakra (anahata)

  • Throat chakra (vishuddha)

  • Third eye chakra (ajna)

  • Crown chakra (sahasrara)

Chakras, with regard to Human Design, are described as disks of energy that run along the spine from the head to your root center. In 1781 when W. Herschel discovered Uranus, our species evolved from a 7-centered being to a 9-centered being. It's important to note that this evolution wasn’t exactly a physical change, but a perspective shift. Let's dive into those 9 Centers and how they help us further define our Human Design, and how they differ from the original 7 Chakra system.

What are the 9 Centers?

The 9 centers in Human Design simply put: they split the 7 chakras into more parts. These energy centers or chakras correspond with a particular function, for example, we get our inspiration and ideas from our Head Center. Each center shows the different ways you process information. Those 9 Centers are:

  • Head Center

  • Ajna Center

  • Throat Center

  • Self Center

  • Heart Center

  • Sacral Center

  • Spleen Center

  • Solar Plexus Center

  • Root Center

This breaks down further into defined or undefined. Defined is what you consistently project into the world and others. Undefined is what you absorb from the world and then amplify back.

Below we’ll take a closer look at each center and how it interacts, both defined and undefined.

What is the Head Center?

The head center, also known as the crown center, is a pressure center. This is the pressure that drives us. This is the seat of inspiration and possibility. This is where our ideas and meaning exist and emerge. This allows us to see life through a lens of potential. This is also where doubts and fears can arise. If this is a defined center for you, you’re likely to influence the world with your ideas. If it is undefined you are likely influenced by the ideas of others.

What is the Ajna Center?

The Ajna center defines how you absorb, process, and understand information. It’s also where you keep that information. This is where we house our beliefs, our understanding of the world. It also holds our concepts, our ideas, and our thought processes. If this center is defined, you have a fixed way of thinking. If it is undefined, you’re more flexible in your thinking and open to new perspectives.

What is the Throat Center?

The throat center is the communication and manifestation center. It’s important to remember the power of words and the importance they hold in the creative process. Our words have the potential and we have the power to make them into reality. Defined, you will speak with consideration to the specific gates or channels connected to your throat center. Undefined, you naturally express yourself in a way that best meets the communication needs of the person you’re talking to.

What is the Self Center?

Self Center is the area of love, identity, and direction. It is your purpose. This center is where our passions, our self-identification, and our drive come from. Our "self" can be clear, or unclear to us. The Self Center is where our love and sense of direction come from. Our direction can lead us toward our goals, our visions, or our destiny. Defined, you know yourself and your purpose. Undefined, your path is liable to change as you find yourself.

What is the Heart Center?

Will Center, also known as the Heart Center, is your will, ego, and values. The Heart Center is where our willpower and strength come from. Our desire can be manifested in the physical plane by our heart's center using our willpower. Defined, you have a fixed set of values and consistent willpower to rest and work with balance. Undefined, you may often run low on willpower and are here to value what is most important in life.

What is the Sacral Center?

Sacral Center, this center is action through response and provides energy for sex, seduction, and family care. The sacral center provides us with the energy of life. It gives us the strength and the energy to push through boundaries and hardships while also giving us the needed energy to endure growth. Defined, you have a sustainable life and work energy and are able to push through rough patches. Undefined, your energy isn’t as sustainable but you can draw energy from others.

What is the Spleen Center?

Spleen Center is your intuition or your instincts. This energy flows with your reactive responses. Our spleen is the energy center that acts as a security guard. It gives us warnings, and it lets us know when something is true. When we're in touch or aware of our intuition, it can be a source of power. Defined, you receive your intuition in a known and practiced way. Undefined, the way you receive intuition varies.

What is the Solar Plexus Center?

The Solar Plexus Center controls your emotions and creativity. We draw energy for romance, seduction, war, and imagination from this center. This is the house of our emotions and sensitivity. Defined, you can feel like your feelings are on a roller coaster, so it’s important to wait and let your emotions balance out before making decisions. Undefined, you are a mirror for others’ emotions and can feel them as if they were your own.

What is the Root Center?

Root Center is the other pressure point of your energy centers and it deals with stress and adrenaline. This center helps us ground, find stillness, and make decisions. This is where we can find our peace and comfort, but it's also a pressure point, which can make it feel like a place of pressure. Defined, you manage your stress well with moments of adrenaline. Undefined, you feel a lot of pressure to complete your daily goals and milestones. It’s important to remember to make time for yourself, especially since your goals and ambitions are never-ending. I truly hope that you've found this article useful. If you have, I would love to get on a call with you and discover what lights you up so you can live your most authentic life by design.

Love and Light, Always Bini

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