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I believe in the holistic way to healing our mind, body, and spirit.


As a soul transformational coach, for me that includes healing our bodies with natural holistic alternatives in addition to the medical therapy prescribed by our beautiful doctors, and nourishing the mind and spirit with inspiring, empowering, uplifting books, or listening to calming, relaxing meditations for the mind, body, and spirit.


With that in mind, I've just started to collate some of what I would like to bring you. One way to begin your exploration is trying out Healy, a holistic frequency healing device to help supplement your western approach to foster self-healing of mind, body, and spirit.


Healy came into my life when my body was headed toward the path of starting to attack itself. I constantly felt that I was in the middle of a tug-of-war with 10 people on either side constricting my breathing. Healy helped me find comfort and brought me almost instantaneous reduction in pain like I'd never seen.


This handy wearable device travels with me everywhere I go allowing me to use it anywhere anytime. Healy supports me on every level, from my cellular makeup to my mental , emotional and spiritual connection. My journey over the past year has been an exploration of health harmonization, physical improvement, and so much more. 


For every 10 units of Healy Gold, Resonance, or Professional sold, I plan to donate one of the same type and donate to either aged care facilities or orphanages and other community centers that cannot afford to buy one of their own.

The other two offers I currently have are books that are close to my heart and have personal meaning in my growth and evolution. Profits from either book purchased from this site will go to various charities around the world that are close to my heart, and which help and support women and children.


Letters from Your Soul is a collection of readings that are filled with sparks to ignite a flame of self-renewal, while the readiness to burn and be new, needs to come from within

Change Makers contains real stories of powerful women from around the world, who have risen above traumas or obstacles, and wanted to impact change in their small or big ways from where they were.


In time, I hope to bring you personally recorded meditations, repeat-after-me affirmations, and much much more.


These projects are my little ways of giving back to the collective.

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